Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Grandma Charlene's Educational Program

The LAR Maná, under the direction of Ana Valeria Sandes, has developed an educational program for the children. This program was named after mom, in memory of her interest and support as she kept up with and encouraged the children's home from afar. 

The educational program began with one part-time special education teacher. From there the Manna from Heaven (Maná do Céu) preschool was started for the young children ages 2-3 who were not included in the preschool programs in the area's public schools, and thus two more part-time teachers/educators.  

The pandemic caused school shutdowns with virtual learning which opened up an unprecedented need for educational support for all the children at the children's home. So this school year (2021) we were able to initiate a team for the school-age children (ages 4-12). The school year in Brazil runs from February to November.

As the program expands, the educational staff is now composed of one special education teacher, two teachers, one assistant teacher, and two student teacher interns. Our children are blessed to be able to count on this team to provide the support and instruction they need with their online classes.

Along with the childrens' secular education, we have a daily devotion: Momentos com Deus/Moments with God opportunity. One of our student teachers directs this program. Our opportunity to teach Bible truths to the children is very limited and we have the goal of planting the seeds of faith before they are transitioned to the next phase of their lives.

We are currently remodeling the former administration building into an educational complex and adding an outdoor multiuse space to the area. We are so grateful to all who contributed to the Charlene Wade Children's Fund which is being used for this project along with a children's park area.

(Before the remodeling project)

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Mom's 90th Birthday

🎝  🎜  Happy Birthday to you..... 🎝  🎜

September 6, 2020, was Mom, Mema, "Gramma Charlene"'s 90th birthday. She was not feeling well that week so our celebration with her was through her window with balloons and fruit kabobs and cake balls for the nursing staff at The Manor. 

Her adopted "grandchildren" at the Lar Mana Children's Home in Brazil, however, went all out with cake, games, and fun to celebrate her day. In turn, she gave each of them a present for her birthday. It was what made her the happiest:  to give love and security to these children through projects, toys, stuffed animals, books, and ice cream as well as donations to the home through the last few years. She knew many by name through pictures and asked about them frequently.

Mom passed away on Nov. 24, 2020, from complications with Covid. 

Obituary for Charlene Bullard Wade

(Card from flowers above:   To our American Grandmother, in appreciation for all of the love and care you have given us over the years. We love you! From the children and staff of the LAR Mana Children's Home, Paulista, Brazil)

Charlene Bullard Wade, 90, passed from this life on November 24, 2020. She leaves a daughter, Kathy Short (Randy) of Recife, Brazil, and two sons, Randy (Beverly) of Memphis and Philip (Kris) of Greenbrae, CA. She leaves eight grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her husband of 64 years, James Edwin Wade. She worked as a secretary for UT Dental School. She loved her family and deeply cared for children. She was the preschool coordinator at Macon Rd. Church of Christ for 15 years and later volunteered in the educational resource room at Germantown Church of Christ. In recent years, she provided much encouragement through projects for the children at the LAR Maná Children’s Home in Paulista, Brazil, where the children know her as their American grandmother. The family would like to express its gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the nurses and staff at Kirby Pines, Caring In-Place and to Crossroads Hospice for their loving care. The immediate family will unite for a funeral service Sunday, Nov. 29 at 1:30. The family requests that instead of flowers memorial donations be sent to HopeWorks, Agape, or to benefit the LAR Maná children’s home: (Bellevue Church of Christ, 7401 HWY. 100, Nashville, TN. 37221, Attn: Larry Smith/Recife Children's Home)


We are in the process of developing a park for the Lar Mana do Céu Nursery/Preschool with the contributions made to the Charlene Wade Children's Fund. 

We hope to have it completed by the time school returns on Feb. 2, 2020. Since this nursery/preschool is located on the campus of the children's home we have not had to close due to covid19 restrictions. 

We will be posting pictures of the park as it is completed.

The photo above: Children from the Nursery/Preschool working with the letter "U". 


Monday, September 9, 2019

Happy Birthday to You from Me

Today is her day! 

We celebrated Mom's 89th birthday last Saturday at the LAR Maná Childrens Home. She doesn't want flowers and gifts. She wants to see children happy. 

So we took her party to "her" children. Because of the childrens' right to privacy I am not posting their photos but you can get an idea of how the party went from these. 

Our thanks to all who helped: our students from EBNESR, the LAR director, Jó, the cake baker, costumes were donated, a gum ball machine was donated, friends who provided transportation and support....

Happy Birthday, Mom!!! 
We love you!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Charlene Wade Childrens Fund

"I do not remember a time in my life when I did not feel loved and secure. I can not imagine a little child not knowing who to turn to or whose hands they will fall into." (Charlene Wade)

My mom, Charlene Wade, has always had a special place in her heart for children. She taught children's Bible classes at church and was in charge of the pre-school resource room for many years at Macon Rd. church of Christ. In retirement she contributed to the Germantown church of Christ undertaking the cleaning out and organizing of their Bible school resource room.
Long before the LAR Mana Children's Home began in Brazil, we worked with the children in the community and mom's contributions and interest were always encouraging. During all the time Randy and I have done mission work, Brazil, Cape Girardeau, MO and back to Brazil she has tirelessly collected Bible class materials, prepared flip books, and cut endless die cut shapes to be used in children's classes and programs.
For several years for Christmas giving, at mom and dad's request, our family donated to a children's project in Brazil. Most of these projects were done in the neighborhood around children's home and later as the LAR Mana began we did them there.
Through it all her goal is to reach out to the young and impressionable with the word of God and his love, to help lay a basis for the lives of these children by giving them the tools they will need to lead productive Christian lives. Click to see a little about the LAR Mana Childrens Home.

The LAR Mana Children's Home has been of special interest to mom. She is known to the kids there as their American Grandmother. She painted before she developed rheumatoid arthritis and that became difficult for her. Last year she sent her paintbrushes to the children and our monthly project was painting. We took some of mom's paintings for the children to see and then they used her brushes to make their own paintings.

Each month mom contributes to the project we take to the children. She loves to see pictures from their activities and gets to know the kids that way.

During the past year the administration of the LAR Mana has gone through drastic changes, and creative fund raising efforts have been implemented in order to keep it going. We were happy to be able to give mom a gift of the Charlene Wade Children's Fund for Christmas last year in order to facilitate contributions to the LAR Mana Children's Home. 

UPDATE: This fund was closed out in April 2021 and all funds were destined to the Educational Program of the LAR Maná. 

Outside mom's front door, in the middle of pictures of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, is a framed verse that reads: